Valeron van het Hermeshof 

Valeron is not present at Hermeshof this season, he is available for breeding at the stable of the Stas family in Huldenberg.

Quality over the generations

In the first place, Valeron has a high quality pedigree behind him. He is the last approved son of Picasso d'Elewijt, who twice won a 1st category for his group of descendants. Through Picasso, he is a grandson of Ensor d'Elewijt, Belgian Champion of 1991.

Valeron shows that he maintains this strong bloodline, in 2011 - after winning his category - he was allowed to participate in the championship in Vilvoorde and he was approved for life in 2014. Meanwhile he also has an approved son and a beautiful group of daughters, all with a beautiful, full color.

Impressive appearance with a gentle character

Valeron immediately stands out with his impressive stature, but behind that lies his extremely calm and gentle character. He proves this by participating, with 8 mares around him, in all kinds of show events. He also passes this unique quality on to his descendants.

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