Belgian draft horse breeding stable and stallions

About us

Our Belgian draft horse stable is located in Maaseik (Belgium), close to the Dutch and German borders. It was founded in 1984 by Nico Henckens and Els Geusens with their first mare 'Blanche van het Hermeshof' and has today become a well-known name in the world of Belgian draft horses.

What we do


Our stable stands for purebred horses with plain hair colours and clean legs. Discover it here.


Looking for an ideal combination with your mare? We are pleased to help you on the right way.

For sale

Planning on buying your own draft horse? We are pleased to show you our available horses.


New stallion: Roel van Luchteren!

Roel van Luchteren joins our stable! This impressive bai stallion gives our breeding stable more cachet. His outstanding pedigree - with mother and father both belgian champion - fits perfect with our low inbred lines! This magnificent beast will also be present at various championships.

Fine results at the national championships

A nice edition of the national exhibition behind us! In the strong age category of the three year old mares, Mirhyne and Victoria van het Hermeshof achieved gold and silver in the middle size class! An extra bonus for our stable is that alongside Mirhyne, also Ruby du Car d'Or (owner Kelly Dieudonné) achieved a first place in the small size class of the same year. Both chestnut mares are breeding products of our stallion Bram van de Ruiting, who proves his value! Among the mares born in 2012 Aurelie came fourth, and among the mares of 2011 Viyenna came second. 

Our very own Kobe Henckens was voted best Trotter 2020! Well deserved, as far as we are concerned!

35 years Hermeshof!

Time flies! We are celebrating our 35th anniversary! Our horse stable started in September 1984 with the purchase of our first brown mare: "Blanche". 35 years later the counter indicates 26 draft horses, with only 2 of them not born at our stable! Over the years, we brought 182 self-bred draft horses to this world, some a bit easier than others, but all of them were welcomed with great joy.... The color microbe of Blanche is still present, because our pastures are still being brightened up by brown, chestnut, black and greyish blue mares and stallions. Except for the colour, a lot has changed since 1984, a lot of shows were performed and a lot of competitions were attended. To celebrate this we have put together a collection of the most beautiful moments of the past 35 years! We hope that many more years will follow, cheers!