Bram van de Ruiting

Interesting pedigree: 0% Inbred

Bram is an elegant stallion with a strong fathers appearance. His legwork shows a lot of quality and hardness. His movements are precise and he presents them with a lot of posture.

These good qualities, combined with his beautiful appearance, are inherited by his sons and daughters. Because of his beautiful color and special pedigree, Bram is very interesting for the necessary blood refreshment.


Belgian Breeding Champion 2016 

With a beautiful group of descendants Bram managed to crown himself as National Champion Stallion with descendants at the National Championships of 2016 in Brussels.

His descendants also confirm that Bram is a true progenitor. His daughters Auke, Aurelie and Aurore van het Hermeshof became the National Champion triplet of 2016 and some of his sons have been approved for breeding.